These general terms and conditions apply to those participating in the exhibition “Smile Safari” (hereinafter referred to as “event”) organised by Hurae & CityCubes (hereinafter referred to as “organisation”) at Wijnegem Shopping center (hereinafter referred to as “premises”). By purchasing an exhibition ticket or participating in the event, in whichever way, each participant (hereinafter referred to as “visitor”) acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees with these general terms and conditions. E-tickets shall be sold on via the intervention of an external service provider. Additional terms and a privacy policy shall apply to this sale and can be found in the order module.


The ticket shall give access to the specific time slot on the premises, on the day and time stated on the ticket and for the price stated on the ticket. Only e-tickets with a barcode, purchased on or tickets purchased at the ticket counter of the event, shall give access to the event. E-tickets orders are irrevocable (no revocation right). When purchasing an e-ticket, the visitor may stop the procedure at any time, but once the payment transaction has been completed he/she shall no longer be entitled to cancel or revoke the sale. Under no circumstances shall the ticket give the right to a reserved/fixed place at the event. Any counterfeit ticket or method of access control may lead to criminal proceedings. The purchase of (a) ticket(s) is definitive. Should the visitor be unable to attend the event, for whatever reason, including force majeure, he/she shall not be entitled to a refund for the purchased ticket(s).

The organisation expressly forbids access to people under the age of 16 without an accompanying adult (minimum 18 years old). In the event of fraud or deception, entry to the event shall be refused.



  • Alcohol and other liquids in containers, such as plastic bottles (water bottles), glass bottles or any other glass object, metal cans (tins), drink cartons (Tetra Pak), drink cans, barrels, water bladders (type CamelBak), coolers/cool boxes.
  • Narcotics and other drugs, including toxic and infectious substances. It is strictly forbidden to sell or use drugs at the event. Any violation may lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Weapons, imitations of firearms (toy guns), all devices capable of firing projectiles (e.g. staple gun), knives, pointed or sharp objects (scissors, umbrella with a pointed end, etc.).
  • Blunt objects (golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, snooker cues, clubs, heavy tools, combat sports equipment, etc.).
  • Fireworks, Bengal torches, barbecues, rockets and other explosive and flammable material.
  • Loudspeakers, megaphones, laser pointers, etc.
  • Markers, aerosols, paint bombs.   
  • (The distribution of) flyers, brochures (except with permission).
  • Animals (except guide dogs).
  • (The use of) drones.

Any sales activity not approved by the organisation is formally prohibited. Everything that may be considered dangerous or undesirable by the event’s organisation or location manager shall be seized and destroyed on site. This list may be modified or extended by the organisation at any time.



  • Smoking is not permitted on the general premises. 
  • Drugs policy: Zero tolerance! Smile Safari operates a drugs policy of zero tolerance. It is forbidden to sell or use drugs on the premises. Any violation may lead to removal from the premises. Drugs trafficking is forbidden on the premises and shall lead to removal from the premises and police intervention.


The visitor shall obey the instructions of security staff at all times. Any visitor noticing suspicious behaviour among other visitors is requested to inform security staff in attendance.

The organisation reserves the right to refuse access to the event to any visitors whose behaviour may cause harm to themselves or other visitors.


It is forbidden to sell anything on the premises. The sale of food, drink, souvenirs, T-shirts, or anything else is strictly reserved for those (people or organisations) approved by the organisation.


The organisation shall, within the legal limits and under no circumstances – even force majeure – be held liable for damage to goods and/or persons attending the event and/or participating in the event. The organisation shall, within the legal limits, not be held liable for any damage to vehicles around the perimeter of the event nor in the car parks. The organisation shall, within the legal limits and under no circumstances – even force majeure – be held liable in case of the partial or full cancellation of the event, or in case of the partial or full modification of the event. The organisation shall, within the legal limits and under no circumstances owe compensation, nor be held liable for damages in whatever sense to visitors or third parties. The organisation shall, within the legal limits, not be held responsible for theft or damage to goods left in the lockers at the event.


Specific rules related to the protection of privacy apply to the sale of e-tickets via Smile Safari online services, and these may be consulted by visitors when commencing their e-ticket order.


The organisation’s decision not to initiate one clause or another in these terms and conditions shall not be considered as a revocation of the entire agreement. Invalidity of one clause in this agreement shall have no impact whatsoever on the validity of other clauses.


Any dispute shall fall under the exclusive competence of the courts of the district where the Hurae head office is located. Only Belgian law applies to these terms and conditions.